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Staff Directory

Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Kathy Capik  Kathy Capik Teacher
Contact Tobi Lam  Tobi Lam Teacher
Contact Cicely Prewett  Cicely Prewett Teacher
Contact Becca Williams  Becca Williams Teacher
Contact Penni Wilson  Penni Wilson Teacher
First Grade
Contact Maritzi Bywater  Maritzi Bywater Teacher
Contact Haley Donovan  Haley Donovan Teacher
Contact Sara Douglass  Sara Douglass Teacher
Contact Connie Scharaga  Connie Scharaga Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Brittany Buttner  Brittany Buttner Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Senzell  Elizabeth Senzell Teacher
Contact Marjie Starkey  Marjie Starkey Teacher
Contact Courtney Tanner  Courtney Tanner Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Lindsey Carruth  Lindsey Carruth Teacher
Contact Jamie Hickok  Jamie Hickok Teacher
Contact Katie Mofield  Katie Mofield Teacher
Contact Katie Slaugenhaupt  Katie Slaugenhaupt Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Kaillee Hamre  Kaillee Hamre Teacher
Contact Patty Lang  Patty Lang Teacher
Contact Chet Weir  Chet Weir Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Blossum Arrasmith  Blossum Arrasmith Teacher
Contact Chris Doty  Chris Doty Teacher
Contact Kurt Harms  Kurt Harms (530) 527-7171 ex: Ext 205 Teacher
Contact Wendy Wilson  Wendy Wilson Principal
Office Staff
Contact Michelle Reineman  Michelle Reineman Staff
Health Assistant
Contact April Landingham  April Landingham Staff
Speech and Language Specialist
Contact Helen Eicholtz  Helen Eicholtz Teacher
Instructional Coach
Contact Deborah Miller  Deborah Miller Teacher
Contact Kelley Moneymaker Lamson  Kelley Moneymaker Lamson Teacher
Resource Specialist
Contact Lea Goodson  Lea Goodson Teacher
Contact Bridget Soksoda  Bridget Soksoda Teacher
Contact Ellie Scott  Ellie Scott Librarian
School Counselor
Contact Mindy Johnson  Mindy Johnson Staff
School Psychologist
Contact Melissa Smith  Melissa Smith Staff