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Students were recognized at the Line Up for reading.  One million words!  Two Million words!   Four million words!  Bidwell students have had their noses in books this year.  We look forward to seeing this crowd of million word readers grow over the last trimester.  Way to go, Bulldogs!


Bidwell students invaded the cafeteria to play!  Students and families spent the evening playing board games with the teachers, each other, and their parents.  Trouble, Twister, Old Maid, Bells, Uno, and Battleship were several of the games that kids played.  VIBES was there to provide snacks.  There were many raffle prizes for Bidwell students to win.  Every child who came was given a deck of cards and instructions on how to play some old favorite games.  It was great to see all the smiling faces and hear the peals of laughter.  Stay tuned for the next Family Night coming soon to Bidwell!


For two weeks in March Bidwell was fortunate enough to have possession of the district's Augmented Reality Sandbox.  This is an amazing piece of technology that creates a topographic image on the sand as the sand is moved.  The sandbox uses a computer programmed in Linux, a piece of an X-Box 360, and a projector to create the image.


All the classes at Bidwell came to the (under creation) STEAM Lab for a lesson on the recent situation at the Oroville Dam spillway.  The kids were given history of the dam, an introduction to topographic maps, and how the dam and spillway system works.  They then had the opportunity to build a model of the Oroville Dam in the sandbox.  After the models were created, the kids made it rain digitally to see if their model worked.


This was a great learning opportunity for all the Bidwell students!

Save Those Box Tops!

Bidwell School is still saving Box Tops for Education.  You can find them on some popular products that you may already buy.  The classes are currently involved in a competition to see wo can collect the most Box Tops.  Please send in any Box Tips that you might have saved.  It is amazing how fast those little things add up!